Beauties from the Deep Blue Sea


Sea world is the biggest and still the most mysterious place for humans to explore. This world is filled with beautiful creatures, plants, and even mountains which surpass any beauty we can imagine with our limited knowledge gathered from the lands we live on. Fishes are the most abundant types among the sea-world creatures. Most of them possess a rare beauty, texture, and color which redefines the definition of beauty over and over again. Among the most beautiful ones- Mandarin fish, Sea dragons, Emperor Angel fish, different types of jellyfishes, and Lion fish are the most fascinating ones.
Mandarin fish are small in size but the most colorful ones. They are native in the Pacific and are usually used for aquarium trade. Of course, their splendid color combination is something to preserve and is fun to watch for long. It was named Mandarin based on its colorful outlook, which kind of resembles Chinese mandarin, but is also called by the names- Green Mandarin, Striped Dragonet, Mandarin Goby, etc. Its generic name is Synchiropus and it belongs to the Callionymidae family. It has a mixture of nice blue, bold orange, and some light blue in different places with a blue-greenish face.
Leafy Sea dragons are very fancy looking and have long leaf like extensions coming out of their bodies, making them look like seaweeds or plants floating around. They have the ability to change their colors if needed. But this ability also depends on their age, location, and food habit, which does not allow them change colors every time, even if they wanted to. It can be found in the western and southern coasts of Australia. This fish belong to the Syngnathidae family and are commonly known as “leafies”. They usually live a solitary, independent life and their deceptive look makes them even more interesting.
Emperor Angelfish are the most favorite ones among people who like to take photos and keep beautiful fish in their aquariums. These are mostly found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Emperor Angelfish belong to the Pomacanthidae family. These tend to live around reef-associated areas and the adult ones usually live in caves with a rich coral vegetation. The young fish have a different color combination than the adult ones. The juveniles have a dark blue round pattern with yellow and black in them, and they almost resemble a fingerprint. The adult ones have yellow stripes with light blue, the color becoming darker around the eyes with a hint of greenish-blue in some places.
Lionfish are the most beautiful ones, as they look like a beautiful garment with lovely long flares floating in the water. But they are venomous as well, which is a warning that screams “don’t touch”. These are not fatal to humans but can cause nausea or breathing problems. Most jellyfish look like blown out bubble with lighting potentials in them, but they also have the potential of electrocuting someone.
Deep blue sea is a place full of mysterious creatures which ravish human minds with their extraordinary looks. The most common creatures are the different fishes, which people can actually capture and enjoy the beauty of.